Union Baptist Missionary And Educational Association

"Living The Dream by Educating The Future"



 Dr. Walter Glover, Jr.

     Dr.  I. E. Mack
Vice Moderator at Large



Rev. Dr. Otha Everett
1st Vice Moderator




Pastor Christopher CabinessSr.
   2nd Vice Moderator



      Rev. Dr. Stanley Kimble
       General Secretary











Brenda Woodford
Executive Secretary


Union Baptist Missionary Educational Association Staff


No organization can properly function without a support staff. Since its inception, the Union Baptist Missionary and Educational Association has always had an excellent staff of employees. However, none have been better than the current, Brenda Woodford. Brenda Woodford holds the position as Executive Secretary.   She organizes, controls and directs the organization. She is heart and soul of every conference and conventon held in the state that falls under the Union Baptist Missionary and Educational Association.  The following bullets outline the awsome responsibility of the staff.

  • Manage the planning and execution of four major conferences during each calendar year

  • Responsible for the acquisition of the venue for each conference

  • Enlist the program participants for each conference

  • Plan for several the repasts during each conference by selecting the menu, chef and serving hosting personnel

  • Establish registration procedures for each conference and insure all registrants are registered and their fees are paid

  • Establishes the protocol for each conference

  • Insure all attendees are identified by issuance of badges developed and printed within the Union Baptist Missionary Educational Association Staff Office

  • Design, draft, finalized and publish program bookets for official minutes, program articles, program agenda and directories for the Association

  • Manages the organizational planning of all banquets of the Association

  • Manages the planning and organization of the Association Anniversary held each November

  • Manages for the planning and orgnization of the Christmas Celebration

  • Manages the interview and reveiwing  process for the awarding of annual scholarships

  • Manages the financial execution of the Association