Union Baptist Missionary And Educational Association

"Living The Dream by Educating The Future"



Dr. Walter Glover, Jr

     Dr.  I. E. Mack
Vice Moderator at Large



Rev. Dr. Otha Everett
1st Vice Moderator



Pastor Christopher CabinessSr.
   2nd Vice Moderator


      Rev. Dr. Stanley Kimble
       General Secretary

Historical Reflections




In the Beginning:

The psalmist has said, “Great are the works of the Lord, they are studied by all who delight in them.”  This well describes the work of the Union Baptist Association fondly referenced the “Old Union.”  This association was organized in 1866 and ranks as the oldest African American Association in Macon, Georgia.



This powerful legacy, yet humble beginning, was initiated by a group of Holy Spirit led, baptized believers who felt a need to organize an association of churches.  These patriots met at the Unionville Missionary Baptist Church then on Pio Nono Avenue in West Macon to organize the Union Baptist Missionary and Educational Association.  This association of churches was named in honor of the Unionville Missionary Baptist Church.



In 1919 or the early 1920s the Union Baptist Missionary and Educational Association met again at the Unionville Missionary Baptist Church.  At that time, the late Rev. J. B. Borders was pastor and the late Major Morris was moderator.  The association experienced rapid growth.  Each moderator carried the “Old Union” to a higher level.  Moderators were Rev. F.N. Howard (1860s), Rev. M. J. Morris (1900s – 1920s), Rev. G. G. Taylor (1920s – 1955), Dr. W. M. Hall (1955 – 1971), Dr. J. A. Holston (1971 – 1976), and Dr. Walter L. Glover, Jr. (1976 – present).



The Growing Years:

Prior to Dr. Glover's appointment as moderator, he was nurtured, trained, and encouraged by the late Rev. E. S. Evans, the late Dr. Van J. Malone, the late Dr. W. M. Hall and the late Rev. J. A. Holston. He traveled with them and was receptive to their godly wisdom, which better equipped him to begin his spiritual journey as moderator. Of this fellowship of preachers in the "Old Union," Rev. Morris Hillsman and Rev. Dr. Walter L. Glover, Jr. are the only two surviving voices to tell the story.


In 1976, this young, visionary leader came inspiring, leading and working for the growth of the association.  Under his capable leadership and watchful eye, the “Old Union” continued to grow spiritually and financially as well.


Seeing a need for a headquarters building to conduct the business of the association decently and in order, Moderator Glover and his staff began negotiating to purchase the property at 991 Key Street.  This dream soon came to fruition.



In 1988, this association was incorporated as the Union Baptist Missionary and Educational Association of Middle Georgia, Inc.  On November 20, 1993, this association celebrated its dedication ceremony.   November 15, 2003, this association celebrated its 10th headquarters anniversary and the burning of the mortgage, a 20 year note paid in 10 years.  That was indeed a touching moment.  To God be the glory for all He has done!

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